Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend fun!

This actually was last weekend, I had been so busy with work and ive been going to the gym alot with my sister and stuff so I havent had too much time! But anyway.. we went out to eat at this western resturant with some our friends Ryan and Libbie. It was alot of fun and good food of course! I got some and ribs, delicious ha and Justin got a steak, he said it was probably one of the best steaks he ever had! so yea good food! Well if you wear a tie to the resturant they will cut it off and say "cowboys dont wear ties" ha.. and then they hang them up on the ceiling so there is MILLIONS of ties.. so Ryan brought us all ties to wear! We had a great time!

Me and Justyy.. love him!

Ryan and Libbie!

All of the ties! Crazzy huh!

Us getting our ties cut off!

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