Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Temple Lights

I have been slacking on blogging. But im excited to say, we are finished with school!!! Well for a month anyway.. but it gives us so much more freedom. its so nice! We are leaving tomorrow to go to Show Low for Christmas and my birthday. I hope it snows, I just love white Christmas's! On Friday the 24th, I will be 21.. 21, can you believe it? I feel like im getting old. ha jk, but also on Friday I will be 30 weeks pregnant. Im excited about that! Im a third of the way done till I get to see my little handsome guy! Its so crazy how much he moves now and I can totally see it now.. I love it! We are just so excited for him to get here! We just love him so much already! Well tonight for family night we went to the Temple lights with my sister and her cute family. I always enjoy going to the temple lights but it was fun because little Preston would get all excited, hes such a cute sweet boy.Well here are some pictures of last night!

My sweet husband.. Love him!

The temple, you can see how big my belly is in this one..

Chels Spenc and Presty
I love my sweet Presty, even though he doesnt look too happy, he was!!

Us again!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 weeks!

Oh my, I cant believe ill be 25 weeks tomorrow. Its crazy! Time has been going by really fast, im glad im staying busy! I just hope it continues to go by fast.. we will see about that. We have been so busy these days, both of us working and in school takes up alot of time! Also Justins lil bro Josh and his high school football team made it to the playoffs so we have been going and watching his games! Its alot of fun to see him play and see the family and some of the friends I havent seen in awhile at the games! And my family will be here for Thanksgiving in less than a week! I am soooo excited to see them and spend time with them for a few days! Well we havent decided a name yet for the little guy, we are still working on that! I have some in mind, I just need to talk my husband into at least one of them! ha. Well here is a picture of me at 25 weeks, these last few weeks my stomach got huge!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Wreath! and the zoo!

So this weekend Justin went camping with some of his buddies by Roosevelt, So I went and stayed at my sisters house and hung out with her and my sweet nephew all weekend! We had fun and stayed busy the whole time! Friday night we met up with my friend Aliesha and her cute baby and sister, It was so good to see them! Then saturday we went to the zoo! My nephew Preston loved the zoo! It was fun and the weather wasnt too bad! After the zoo we went back to my sisters and she taught me how to make this fall wreath. If any of you know my sister, you know that she is just so crafty and fun! Well I totally LOVE the wreath! Justin loves it too, right when I got home with it the first thing he did was take it from me and hang it up on our door! ha.

Here are some pics from the zoo!

Me and my sister Chels!

Me and my cute nephew Preston, hes my lil buddy!

And this is my wreath hanging up on my door! Thanks sis for helping me! You are awesome!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay I know im a way late ha, but we went to conference at the begining of the month in Utah! I have never been to conference so it was pretty neat! It was also fun to see our friends and family! We rode up there with our friends Ryan and Libbie. It was a pretty short trip, we got there friday night and went to Justins mission reunion. It was fun to see some of the guys Justin served with. Sasturday we went to the morning session of conference, and then went to lunch at tucanos with my family! I didnt get any pictures with my family, and Im pretty sad about it, but im so glad we got to see them, I love them so much! Then saturday night Justin surprised me and took me to The Roof. Its a really good resturant, that has an amazing view of the Salt Lake temple. We went there with our friends Ryan and Libbie, and Molly and Joel! It was alot of fun and so good! Sunday we went to the afternoon session of conference and ate dinner at his grandma and grandpas, and then we had to come back home... I was bummed.. I have been starting to love utah.. everytime I go there I never want to come back! But we had alot of fun and im glad we got to go! Here are some pictures of us at The Roof!

Me and my sweet hubby!

Molly and Joel! Molly is prego and our babies are gonna be great friends! :)

Ryan and Libbie!

Ryan loves us..! ha

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snuggie Blanket!

I have been so excited to start getting things now that I know I am having a boy! its soo fun! I also want to start making things too. I am not very experienced with the sewing machine, but my sweet sister is helping me with that! Thanks sis, loves! But I really want to get a sewing machine and know how to use it so I can make some cute stuff! Well last weekend I decided I wanted to make a snuggie blanket, and it turned out so cute I am so excited! I love it because it has a little hood and and a tie, so he will stay warm! I cant wait to wrap baby in it and snuggie him all up! ha.
me sewing! HA!

Close up of the fabric!
The blanket
Ha and we wrapped a teddy bear in the blanket, we tryed to use Preston, my sisters baby, but he was not havin that! ha!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My baby boy!!

I had an ultra sound today and was able to get a few pictures! I love being able to see my baby! I am just so excited for him to be here. I am 2 days away from being 20 weeks! So I am almost half way there! I have been able to feel him moving! its sooo cool, I love it! I can mostly feel him at nights. I was having pretty bad back pains last week, but I havent been having them this week. I have been feeling pretty good! I LOVE pickles these days? I could eat them all day! Ha. I think that is the only craving I have been having! Well I am so excited for this little guy to come. I love him with my whole heart already! :)

The first and last pictures are side views and the middle one is his face! Isnt he cute!!??

Friday, October 8, 2010

ITS A........

we are soo excited! I just love this baby boy so much already! Its was crazy, cause everyone thought it was going to be a girl. everyone kept telling me that so I was convinced it was a girl! We would have been so happy either way, Im just so excited to finally find out! It was funny cause the doctor was like okay do you want to know what it is, and Justins all Im nervous! and then she said it was a boy and hes like "wait.. What? Seriously!" ha he was so excited! It was soo much fun! I just cant wait to go shopping and start getting stuff! I am so excited, I just want him to come already! Yayy! I love my sweet baby boy weeks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Headbands and 17 weeks!

Okay so these arnt the best of pictures! Sorry, I took them on my phone! I had a week off last week and I was able to spend alot of time with and sister and my cute little nephew! We had a good time! Well one of the days we decided to make some headbands! I love them.. I seriously want to wear them everyday.. ha!

you cant see this one very well.. But the middles of the big flowers and flower buttons.

And I am 17 weeks!! Well tomarrow I will be! Its crazy how fast its been going.. I am almost half way there. Crazzy.. As you can see my stomach has been growing.. In just a few weeks we will find out what we are having! I cant wait!

Friday, September 3, 2010

14 weeks!

I am 14 weeks today! Its crazy how fast its going by! I just hope it keeps going this fast! This means I only have like a month until I found out what im having! Im sooo excited about that! I am just going to want to buy everything though.. Ha ive already been looking online at baby stuff like 20 times a day. ha! I have been starting to feel better but I have still been soo tired! But ive also been alot busier now that school started. I am just so excited to meet my little baby, I wish I was 39 weeks already! ha.. well I dont have any pictures cause Im not showing too much yet, I just look fatter.. ha.. But when I start showing more ill post some pictures!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess what!

Oh man! I have been the worst blogger these days and I have soo much to say! So July 10th was me and Justins 1 year anniversary! Its crazy time flies.. So that night we went and ate at the melting pot, It was so delicious! It was cool, you start out with a cheese fondue, then salad, your entree, and best of all chocolate fondue! I loved it! It was sure alot of food though! But im glad we went, we had a good time! Then we went to the Hyatt resort and went swimming! It was great! I just cant believe its been a year already!

I kinda hate this picture of me.. but its the only one ive got!

Well that night we got home from swimming I was feeling soo sick.. And I didnt know if it was something I ate or.. if I ate too much.. well I was sick for about two weeks.. and then I found out I was... PREGNANT! I just had my first doctors appointment today and im 9 weeks and 5 days prego! Crazy huh!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruise Pictures!

Sorry its taken me so long to post pictures, I have just been lazy and havent been wanting to do it! But I got myself to do it today since I didnt have anything else going on! Well we had a blast on the cruise! It was soo much fun, if you havent done a cruise you definatly should! We cant wait to go again!! Be prepared for alot of pictures!
These pictures were taken on the boat!! Just hanging out..

my parents

Movie screen !


me and my brother

me and my sis!

me and my mother!
Playin games!

Here we are in Puerto Vallarta! Beautiful place! Well here we rented and jeep and cruised around and went to where they filmed the movie Predator and went to the beach! Justin and Tanner found some friends and played some soccer on the beach with them!

Us in the jeep!

Where they filmed Predator

The beach!

This is Mazatlan! In Mazatlan we hung out at the beach and rented jet skis! It was a blast, but Justin almost threw me off cause he drives all crazy! My dad went parasailing and he said he had a great time! It looked fun!

These pictures were in Cabo San Lucas! Such a fun place! Well Justin, my dad and my brother went fishing.. So I dont have pictures on them.. Justin and my brother both caught Tunas! Justin was very excited! So my sis and Mother and myself went shopping and ate the best tacos ever!

We were not ready to leave! We had soo much fun! This is our sad faces cause our vacation is over!