Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some more pictures i wanted to add, are some family pictures! I love my family and i am so grateful for everything they do for me! They are so so sweet and fun! All of us!

a cute pic of chels and spenc!

Me and Justin.. freezing to death.

Mom Dad Tan and Court!

Chels and Spenc's cute family!

Christmas Time!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We went up to my parents house in Utah to spend the holiday! It was so nice to get out of the valley for a little while and it was so nice to see the family of course! We dont see them much since they moved to Utah so its always fun to spend time with them! It was the first time ive seen my dad since i got married so it was great to see him! We did some fun stuff while we were there and I took lots of pictures! ;)
Us girls on my birthday at Tucanos!

My cute little nephew at the resturant!

The guys

Justin opening his PJS

Me opening my PJS!
Cooking christmas dinner in our christmas aprons!

Preston LOVES his grandpa!

Cute picture of Preston on Christmas day

Justin was all excited when he found out he got call of duty ha

Preston in his cool new shades
Riding the light rail to the Salt Lake temple lights!

The temple!

we also went bowling, this is picture of us at the bowling alley!

Us bowling at the same time ha..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ugly sweater party!

Last night we went to a christmas party! It was an Ugly sweater party ha thats why we are wearing these sweaters ha. But we had a good time! Im getting so excited for Christmas! Its only 13 days away!
ha.. justin got naughty stuff.. i didnt know what to think about that ha

Me and Justin!

I got expired zrii ha..
Justins boss.. he won ugliest man sweater ha.
Anthon and Ashliegh and baby Roman. ha dont they look great! Anthon won the ugliest sweater of all! ha he looked hilarious!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Last night was a fun night! We hung out with Justins mission companion Ryan and his girlfriend Libby, we went and ate at Liberty Market and it was VERY good. We also went to the Zoolights! I love christmas lights! and if anyone has ever been to the zoolights they know the "dancing trees lights" show is amazing!
Me and my sweet hubby!
Libby and Ryan!
Some of the sweet lights ha

Pictures of me and justin by some of the lights!
Libby and Ryan, they wanted to smile away from the camera ha..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

State Game!

The state game between Show Low and Blue Ridge was saturday night and we went to watch our brother Josh Weeks! It was a good first half, but the second half Show Low didnt do so great so they ended up losing 41 to 21.. but they had a great season, and Josh did very well! Good job cougars!Justin dressed in Joshs home jersey!
Me and Justin before the game stared!

Me and Juli! I only got pictures before the game cause my camera died. ha

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our new table!

We got a table from Justins sister Keli last week and we were soo happy!! We went 4 months without one so we are very grateful! but the chairs had green seats and it just didnt match our place so I decided to fix it up a little! My sister Chelsea came over to help, and I think they turned out pretty good! thanks Chels!!


Pictures of me working on the chairs!
Pictures of Chels putting the fabric on the chairs!
Me and Preston! Love him!

Preston just watching us!

and.. AFTER!
a close up of the fabric!

and the table!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our carved pumpkins!

Saturday night we carved pumpkins! It was great! We met Chelsea and Spencer to eat, went to the store picked out our pumpkins and then started carving! It took us quite a while to get all done but i think they all turned out pretty good! and we all had a good time! I love living by my sister and her cute family, they are so much fun! :)

Mine is a little monster!

Chels did a haunted house!

Mine and Chelseas! Yea I know they are pretty sweet!

Heres mine lit up in the dark!

Justins is a pumkin head peaking through a window!

Justin being crazzy! ha

Spencer fell asleep.. ha but his is a skeleton head!

Justin and Spencers! They turned out great!
Me and Justin are pumkin heads here ha

Us having a great time!