Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My big boyy!

My big boy is now 9 months!! He weighs 18 pounds 12 ounces and is 30 inches tall! Hes getting so big. He has his 2 bottom teeth and his getting one of his top teeth.. I have a feeling his top teeth are gonna be worse than the bottom ones, we have already had a few sleepless nights! Hes a tall but skinny baby, its funny because he is in size 6 to 9 or 12 month shirts but he is still in 3 to 6 month pants! He is just got such a skinny waist and no butt! ha But he is now trying to walk, he took 4 steps yesterday! I dont think it will be long until hes walking everywhere, im not sure im ready for that yet! He is such a sweet boy but wild boy! I only get cuddles when hes tired but I cherish those cuddles they are my favorite!

pictures of Kamden at the doctor!

Kamdens new car seat!

He LOVES his firetruck!

And he also loves his uncle Joshy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kamdens crib bedding!

I have been working on Kamdens crib bedding for a few months now and it took me forever to finish! I am not the best sewer so Im not very fast, and I am soo busy it was hard to find time to do it! But I finished and I am soo glad to be done and Im happy the way it turned out! The crib isnt beautiful, we got it for free but I am planning on painting it sometime.. ha hopefully soon!

you can see his 2 little teeth in this picture!

Kamden LOVES his new bedding! :)
I cant believe he will be 9 months on friday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Justin and I both LOVE halloween! We have always had such a fun time going to haunted houses, halloween parties and watching scary movies! Well this year with our crazy busy scheduale we didnt make it to a haunted house, and we didnt carve pumpkins.. dang! But we still did do alot of fun stuff! Justin was set on dressing up and I wanted to too but I just didnt want to spend alot of money and costumes are just so dang expensive, so Justin had the great idea of dressing up like hippies! It was fun and easy! I am so glad we did. We dressed up like hippies and went to my sisters ward party on saturday night with her and her cute family. We had a really fun time! and then we had some good friends of our come over and we watched a scary movie! Then on halloween day we went to the pumpkin patch with my sister and good friend Ashleigh, and that was also fun! I got a good picture of Kamden wth the pumpkins so I was happy! Then halloween night Justin had school till 8 which totally sucks, so Kamden and I went and hung out with my sister and passed out candy. Kamden dressed up as a lion that night and was the cutest lion around! It was so funny because when I put the costume on him he looked at his foot and noticed it was a paw and started laughing and rolling around on the ground, he thought he was hilarious. Ha that boy cracks me up. After we left my sisters we went over to a friends and ate soup and some yummy halloween treats! I loved halloween this year. Holidays get so much more fun once you have kids, I cant wait till next year when Kamden will be old enough to take trick or treating!

Hippie baby!

Hippie Fam!

We tried to get the boys to smile and this is what we got ha.
My cutest Lion!

He was soo tired by the end of the day!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Wow we have been so busy these days with work and school! It is driving me crazy! I look forward to Christmas break where I can just sit around and relax and enjoy the holidays! Its still 2 months away, but Im sure it will go by quick! I am SO excited for Halloween, It will be Kamdens first Halloween and we are going to be Hippies! Im very excited about it and I will be sure to post some pictures after Halloween! I know I say this every time but Kamden is getting so big. He is just so active and into EVERYTHING. ha He is a little mess, but at least hes a cute mess right? He is now 8 1/2 months and has two teeth. I havent gotten a picture of his teeth yet, but I will be sure to do that! He is standing up on his own and trying to take steps.. He is starting to play with kids now and he likes to follow them around! He loves to play with his cousin Preston and his buddies Roman and Sterling. I am so glad he has friends! Here are some recent pics of the little guy!
Kam and his cousin Preston!

Kamden with his buddies Sterling and Roman

My biggest boy!

Helping me do the dishes ha.

I just love this boy, I am so blessed he is mine!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Kamden and I flew out to Utah the end of last month for a week and we had such a good time! It was so nice to get to spend time with my family and finally meet my new niece Lylah. She is such a pretty baby, I love her to death. I was also glad that Kamden was able to spend quality time with his grandma and grandpa Bigelow and aunt Court and uncle Tanner. He loved all of them and was such a sweet boy! We also got to see Justins grandma and grandpa weeks and Justins cousin Molly and her baby Nathan. Nathan and Kamden are close in age and so it was fun watching them interact with eacthother! It was Kamdens first time on the airplane and he did awesome, he slept both ways so it was great! Flying is WAY better than driving! It was so nice to just be there in like an hour instead of like 10 hours! We sure did miss Justin while we were gone though but we did skype so it wasnt too bad! Justin was so scared Kamden wouldnt remember him when we got home, but he did. How could he forget his awesome fun dad? Ha! I miss my family already and cant wait to see them in december!

Kamden is growing up so fast.. He is almost 8 months now and he is doing so many new things! He can crawl, pull himself up on to thing and he even trys to stand up by himself. Its crazy how fast he learns to do things! He even takes steps while holding on to something. He is trying to be such a big boy already. its crazy. He is just so much fun! I couldnt imagine my life without that cute boy. I love him with all my heart!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

At lunch wearing grandpas hat!

big smiles!

I love this smile!

We went and saw Justins grandma Weeks!

And Justins grandpa Weeks

Kamdens buddy Nathan!

Nathan, such a cute boy

Kamden Loves his aunt Court!

Loves his grandma, you can tell by his face in this one!

I love them!

My mom and I

Kamden and Grandpa!

mommys boy

K for Kamden!

Kamden loves to play outside!

He also loved my moms dog Chloe!

At the airport on our way home.

It was a great trip! I cant wait to go back for Christmas!

Monday, September 12, 2011

7 months

Its been awhile since ive blogged! I have been so busy with being a mother, taking three classes and working! I am now watching Anthon and Ashliegh Perkins two little boys Roman and Sterling, and they are both such sweet cute boys, I love them! And so does Kamden, we have fun going over there and playing with them! Well now my little guy is 7 months old! He is now EVERYWHERE! Ha. He scoots himself all over the house. Its so fun to watch him move all over, but now i find myself following him everywhere! He now says "mom, and momma" all the time. I love it! He is such a mommas boy! He also LOVES Elmo, everytime we see elmo on the TV, or ill play him the elmo song on youtube and he just smiles and gets so excited! Its so cute! Kamden and I are going to fly to Utah the end of this month for a week to go visit my family! I am soo excited, it is a much needed trip since we havent seen my family in like 4 months! Here are some recent pics of Kamden!

Kamden and his buddy Sterling!

Kamden and his friend Bostyn and the splash pad! They loved it!

Kamden boy
Mommy and Kam!

I can spike his hair now!!

Hes such a funny little guy!

I cant believe he is 7 months old!!
I LOVE him :)