Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Zoo

This weekend Chelsea and Preston and me and my nanny kids, Sarah and Ryan went to the zoo! It was alot of fun. Sarah loved it, she also LOVED Preston (Kreston, as she would say ha) but yea im glad we went it was a fun time!

Me and my nanny kids Sarah and Ryan, poor baby Ryan couldnt stay awake

Sarah and the Rhino, she couldnt wait to see the Rhino!

Sarah playing with Preston, she LOVED him!
Me and Chels, and my cute little nephew!

Baby Ryan and his CRAZY hair.. haha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Wedding!

This are some of our wedding pictures! We got married July 10th 2009, It was the best day of my life! I love Justin with all my heart! :)

My favorite cause you can see my shoes!
A smiling picture of us

I love this one!

me and the boys!
our cake fight!

our friends and family!

Engagment Pictures

These are a few of our engagment pictures! We got engaged May 9th, so we had a 2 month engagment! It was a fun but CRAZY 2 months gettting ready for the wedding! Ha! A smiley one..
I love this picture of Justin! Hes just so cute!
Us in the tunnel!
ahh this one.. This is Justins favorite, the ONLY reason i put it on here, Im not too crazy about this one..
Just talkin.. ha
Another smiley one, well im smiling, Justins got his little smirk
One of my favorites!!
This one is also one of my favorites!

When we got engaged!

This is when we got engaged! We went up in a hot air balloon, It was probably the coolest thing I have ever done, Ill never forget this day!
Here we are waiting to get on the air balloon, I was a little scared..
This is the balloon! Its HUGE!
This is the little carriage thing we rode in.. Its small, ha we didnt have much room at all!
Our shadow..
Fountain Hills, where Justin proposed!
We like to kiss.. ha
My RING! I love love my ring!
We went to The Dbacks game later that night!
Just another pic of us at the game!

Utah Trip!

We went up to Utah for Easter and this is when Justin asked my dad if he could marry me! We also got to hang out with his mission companion and Justins cousin, that just got married also! They are some of our good friends! We went to this light show thing while we were there and they had this gift shop, ha and Justin thought it would to cool to stick this on his head ha Silly Justin!
I personally liked these goggles, ha I almost bought them! pretty sweet huh?

We went and took pictures by the Salt Lake Temple

He wanted to take one with me and the flower..
We finally got this picture to work! we tried to do self timer and set it on something.. yea, didnt work ha, but somebody was nice enough to take it for us!


Hi we are Corinne and Justin Weeks! We just got married July 10th 2009, we decided to start a blog to keep in touch of family and friends, these are some pictures of us dating. Enjoy! :)
These are pictures of us in Show Low for Christmas, Justin has his sweet beard.. ha

We went and saw Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple, SMILE JUSTIN! ha

Another picture of us at the Temple lights!

We went to Cali! Just walking on the beach!

Also in Cali at Disneyland in line waiting to ride space mountain!