Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Our memorial weekend was great! It started out with Justin going to black river with my dad, brother, brother in law and some more of the bigelow guys.. He LOVED it. If any of you know Justin, you know he loves to fish! He said he caught over 150 fish the both days he was there. While he was fishing, I was hanging out with my mother, sisters, nephew Preston and my sweet son Kamden! We went shopping, and to eat at Tia Rosas and Pirates fish and chips! Yum!! We also had an awesome time swimming at Basha high school pool. They had like a little kid water park, and it was awesome! They have slides and a lazy river and everything. They also have like a beach pool thing, it was awesome cause Kamden liked to put his feet in the water, he also liked the lazy river! It was soo good having my family here, I really wish they lived close. I love spending time with them, we always have so much fun!!  The day my family went back to Utah we head up to Show Low to hang out with Justins fam, which was also really fun! We had a BBQ and just hung out! Kamden was so nice to everyone this weekend and was so smiley! I was so glad. He is such a happy little guy. We love him!!
first time in the water!

He liked the water!

Mommy and baby!!

Kamden and Aunt Court!

My mom, me and Kamden!
Grandma and her Grandsons!!
Justin at black river!
Justin and my dad
Happy Baby!!
Smiley boy!
Uncle Josh and Kam!
Daddy and Kam!
Our Family!!


  1. Memorial Weekend was so fun...too bad it ended so quick! Kelly took some great pics while you were there! I can definitely see you in Kam in some of those pics!


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