Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We went to Mexico for 5 days the end of July with our friends Anthon and Ashleigh and it was a blast!! I want to go back! We werent sure if we were going to go because we heard alot of crazy stuff about Mexico, so I was afraid.. But we ended up going and it was totally fine.. we had NO problems at all. We pretty much just hung out on the beach the whole trip, and it was AMAZING!! Kamden was such a little trooper, He loved the ocean! He also like to put his feet in the sand. We stayed at a nice resort called Bella Sirena. It is such an awesome trip for how cheap it is! I want to go every summer, it was so relaxing and we just really enjoyed ourselves!!

Kamden will be 6 months on the 11th of this month.. 6 MONTHS!!! My baby will be half a year old?? How can this be.. didnt I just have him yesterday?? thats what it feels like.. Everyone says time goes by so fast... and it really does.. He is sitting up really good now and he loves to move.. and will put him on his stomach and he trys soo hard to move around.. he can scoot himself around a little, I think he will be crawling before we know it! He is such a active little guy! He is talking so much, and laughing so much too! I am soo lucky, he is just so perfect! His parents love him soo much!

Here are some pics from Mexico!

He loved the sand!

Love my blue eyed boy!

Kam and Daddy

Kamden and mommy!

He is ALWAYS eating his toes.. haha

I love my Fam!!

Family pic on the balcony of our condo

Kamden is mommys sunglasses!

On the way home, soo tired!
We love Rocky Point!!
Our friend also took some family pictures of us on the beach, I cant wait to see them.. I will post them when I get them!! Thanks again Ashleigh for taking them!

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  1. Ah, I want to go to the beach! Looks like you guys had a blast. Time really is flying, our little guys need to meet! If you come to Salt Lake to visit, you can all our HOUSE!! Woo! Hope you are all doing great :)


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