Monday, September 12, 2011

7 months

Its been awhile since ive blogged! I have been so busy with being a mother, taking three classes and working! I am now watching Anthon and Ashliegh Perkins two little boys Roman and Sterling, and they are both such sweet cute boys, I love them! And so does Kamden, we have fun going over there and playing with them! Well now my little guy is 7 months old! He is now EVERYWHERE! Ha. He scoots himself all over the house. Its so fun to watch him move all over, but now i find myself following him everywhere! He now says "mom, and momma" all the time. I love it! He is such a mommas boy! He also LOVES Elmo, everytime we see elmo on the TV, or ill play him the elmo song on youtube and he just smiles and gets so excited! Its so cute! Kamden and I are going to fly to Utah the end of this month for a week to go visit my family! I am soo excited, it is a much needed trip since we havent seen my family in like 4 months! Here are some recent pics of Kamden!

Kamden and his buddy Sterling!

Kamden and his friend Bostyn and the splash pad! They loved it!

Kamden boy
Mommy and Kam!

I can spike his hair now!!

Hes such a funny little guy!

I cant believe he is 7 months old!!
I LOVE him :)

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