Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I know Im a month late..

I know it was a whole month ago, but I am going to blog about Kamdens first brithday! Yay, I cant believe my little baby is now one.. How does this happen!! Well we had a wonderful party to celebrate his party with our family and frirends! It was a lot of fun! I was so afraid Kamden wasnt going to eat his cake because he was getting a little grouchy.. It was nap time.. but boy did he go out it. He LOVED his cake. He had his own little "smash" cake and he ate the whole thing! This little man can eat. I swear he eats more than me and he is still just a skinny little guy! At 12 months he was 19 pounds and 30 1/2 inches tall! Hes still just tall and skinny!! This boy is probably the sweetest cuddley boy you will ever meet. He will always giving higs and kisses and I just love that! He is also a very strong little guy, he will fall down and just get up and keep running! We love this little boy so much and cant believe its been over a year since I had him! He LOVES to dance, and has some pretty good moves! ha He is so active, always running around doing something! He is always making me laugh, I swear this kid makes me smile like every 5 minutes. He is always doing something cute! We love you Kamden boy!!!

Kam and Grandma!

Kamden and Daddy!

Kamden and Mommy!

Cousin Preston loved Kams "BIG" truck!

He loves his aunt Chelsea!

Erin and Lylah!

Nikki and Brittyn!

Grandma and Preston

Sarah and Z

Justin and his siblings

I love Justins face in this one ha

He thinking about it

trying it

Loving it!

Driving his big truck!

Love him!

Having fun with grandpa!
Kamden had such a wonderful birthday! Thank you all who came and celebrated it with him!


  1. When I read the title I thought you meant you were pregnant -- are you? Because if you are, I will totally get pregnant too so at least one of our kids will be the same age.

    That was a great party, thanks for inviting us!

  2. haha above comment is funny! Anyways I still can't believe Kam is one!


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