Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Lake!

Yesterday we went on the lake with our friends Anthon ,Ashleigh and their baby Roman! We went tubing and had a great time! Here are a few pictures that we took..
Me and Justin!
Ashleigh, baby Roman, and me!

Me and Justin on the tube

Me tubing! yea i was pro!
Justin tubing!

Anthon and Justin trying to look cool!

Roman! my cute little botfriend!

Justin driving the boat


  1. How funny, I just did a post about our lake trip too :). I'm so glad we got to go- we need to do it again! You guys are a ton of fun!!

  2. Looks so fun!! You look super cute...and that lil baby roman is a cutie

  3. Corinne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!! so remember when we decided we were going to cali....then we didn't....well we really need to ha ha.


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