Monday, October 26, 2009

Our carved pumpkins!

Saturday night we carved pumpkins! It was great! We met Chelsea and Spencer to eat, went to the store picked out our pumpkins and then started carving! It took us quite a while to get all done but i think they all turned out pretty good! and we all had a good time! I love living by my sister and her cute family, they are so much fun! :)

Mine is a little monster!

Chels did a haunted house!

Mine and Chelseas! Yea I know they are pretty sweet!

Heres mine lit up in the dark!

Justins is a pumkin head peaking through a window!

Justin being crazzy! ha

Spencer fell asleep.. ha but his is a skeleton head!

Justin and Spencers! They turned out great!
Me and Justin are pumkin heads here ha

Us having a great time!


  1. We love living by you!!! We are going to do prestons tonight haha i think just a basic one though...when are you guys going to do your little one?


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