Monday, November 23, 2009

Our new table!

We got a table from Justins sister Keli last week and we were soo happy!! We went 4 months without one so we are very grateful! but the chairs had green seats and it just didnt match our place so I decided to fix it up a little! My sister Chelsea came over to help, and I think they turned out pretty good! thanks Chels!!


Pictures of me working on the chairs!
Pictures of Chels putting the fabric on the chairs!
Me and Preston! Love him!

Preston just watching us!

and.. AFTER!
a close up of the fabric!

and the table!


  1. It turned out SO cute! I love the fabric you chose- I still need to do a table cloth for ours, maybe then ours will look as cute as yours :)

  2. Oh i just love them! Im so glad you liked the fabric, i still have tons that i dont know what to do with haha! What did Justin say? Does he like them?

  3. Ah I love your new table and the cute fabric you chose for the chairs...hopefully I will see you today!!!

  4. YES I PROUDLY STALK YOUR BLOG. im so happy you have one! your table is to die for, come on over i have some projects that need some corinne and chels lovin!


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