Sunday, December 6, 2009


Last night was a fun night! We hung out with Justins mission companion Ryan and his girlfriend Libby, we went and ate at Liberty Market and it was VERY good. We also went to the Zoolights! I love christmas lights! and if anyone has ever been to the zoolights they know the "dancing trees lights" show is amazing!
Me and my sweet hubby!
Libby and Ryan!
Some of the sweet lights ha

Pictures of me and justin by some of the lights!
Libby and Ryan, they wanted to smile away from the camera ha..


  1. Ah that looks so fun!! I miss you, we need to hang out and do pilates together!!

  2. How fun! I'm trying to talk Anthon into taking me & Roman to the zoo lights, but I still have some convincing to do. Your hair looks super cute, but the way :)!

  3. Ok Corinne I have not seen you in forever! Your hair is so long! You look gorgeous and so happy. I'm excited for you! Enjoy being married "it's the best!!!!"


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