Saturday, March 27, 2010


We wanted to do something for spring break and we didnt have much time.. so we decided to go to Malibu California! We went with our friends Ryan and Libbie. It was alot of fun! While we were there we went to ssix flags and hung out on the beach! I didnt take my camera to six flags, so we dont have any pictures.. but we had alot of fun! Justin and I both LOVE rollercoasters, so we had a great time! We rode almost every ride we wanted to except X2.. it was a 2 1/2 hour wait.. crazzy.. and then we went to the beach, it was a private beach so there was like nobody there! It was so nice to get out of the valley and just relax on the beach.. I really enjoyed it. I didnt want to leave.. I wish we could have stayed longer, we really had a good time. Well here are some pictures on the beach!Me and Justy.
Our sandcastle.. thing.. ha

Me and Libbie

me and Justin again!

Justin, Ryan and Libbie


  1. How fun! I wish we could've come with you guys, but you know Anthon... work, work, work is all he does! Glad you guys had a good time anyway :D

  2. Ah that looks so fun!! You are so cute girl! I'm excited to hang out next week!!

  3. Ummm I wish i was at the beach right now! You and Justin are super cute!


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