Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Dayy!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!

My moms the best! She has always been there for me when times are rough, when I needed someone, she has always been there and I know she always will be. She has taught me so much and has always been an example to me. I really look up to my mother, shes such an amazing person, and so beautiful! We also have soo much fun together! everytime we see eachother we just laugh and have fun! I love that about her also! Shes just a fun cute mom! I just want her to know how much me and Justin really do love her, and we are so grateful for everything she does for us. I really wish I could be there with her to celebrate this day because she really is the best mom I could ever ask for! I really hope I can be as good of as a mom, as she is to me... She is always so good to me, and always makes me feel good about myself, and that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Im so lucky to have you as my mother, and in my life! You mean so much to me I hope you know that! I love you Mother, you are beautiful inside and out!

Isnt she just so beautiful!!

Us and baby Preston at Christmas!

We lovee to play games! ( I always win jk.. ha )

I hope you had a wonderful day Mom! Love youuu!!

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