Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So Justin was spraying a house the other day and there was a TV just sitting their garage, so he asked them if they were selling it or if it still worked, cause we were wanting to buy a new TV. The guy said it wasnt working.. So the next day the guys calls Justin and told him that it was working now, and that he could have it for free! He just wanted to get rid of it! Justin actually got our other TV for free from another customer too.. crazy huh. He has good luck with TVs I guess! So Justin went and got it tonight! Im so excited I love having a TV in our room, just being able to lay in bed and watch TV is the best, and it works great!


  1. Your soo lucky! Tell Justin to find me a big free tv PLEASE!!!

  2. I told Ryan that extermination was where it's at, but he's still set on the whole "non-profit" thing. I can't wait to show him this!


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