Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruise Pictures!

Sorry its taken me so long to post pictures, I have just been lazy and havent been wanting to do it! But I got myself to do it today since I didnt have anything else going on! Well we had a blast on the cruise! It was soo much fun, if you havent done a cruise you definatly should! We cant wait to go again!! Be prepared for alot of pictures!
These pictures were taken on the boat!! Just hanging out..

my parents

Movie screen !


me and my brother

me and my sis!

me and my mother!
Playin games!

Here we are in Puerto Vallarta! Beautiful place! Well here we rented and jeep and cruised around and went to where they filmed the movie Predator and went to the beach! Justin and Tanner found some friends and played some soccer on the beach with them!

Us in the jeep!

Where they filmed Predator

The beach!

This is Mazatlan! In Mazatlan we hung out at the beach and rented jet skis! It was a blast, but Justin almost threw me off cause he drives all crazy! My dad went parasailing and he said he had a great time! It looked fun!

These pictures were in Cabo San Lucas! Such a fun place! Well Justin, my dad and my brother went fishing.. So I dont have pictures on them.. Justin and my brother both caught Tunas! Justin was very excited! So my sis and Mother and myself went shopping and ate the best tacos ever!

We were not ready to leave! We had soo much fun! This is our sad faces cause our vacation is over!


  1. How fun!! Looks like you had a great time :) I can't believe how much you & your siste look alike!! Crazy! K, so we need to bug the guys to start planning our cruise!

  2. I can't wait until Ryan gets his book deal so he can take you, Justin, and me on a Disney cruise. Maybe he'll let us get drink cards too!


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