Friday, September 3, 2010

14 weeks!

I am 14 weeks today! Its crazy how fast its going by! I just hope it keeps going this fast! This means I only have like a month until I found out what im having! Im sooo excited about that! I am just going to want to buy everything though.. Ha ive already been looking online at baby stuff like 20 times a day. ha! I have been starting to feel better but I have still been soo tired! But ive also been alot busier now that school started. I am just so excited to meet my little baby, I wish I was 39 weeks already! ha.. well I dont have any pictures cause Im not showing too much yet, I just look fatter.. ha.. But when I start showing more ill post some pictures!


  1. Soo excited for this little baby! Love you soo much!

  2. You do not look fat...just super cute! I cant wait to find out what your having too!


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