Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 weeks!

Oh my, I cant believe ill be 25 weeks tomorrow. Its crazy! Time has been going by really fast, im glad im staying busy! I just hope it continues to go by fast.. we will see about that. We have been so busy these days, both of us working and in school takes up alot of time! Also Justins lil bro Josh and his high school football team made it to the playoffs so we have been going and watching his games! Its alot of fun to see him play and see the family and some of the friends I havent seen in awhile at the games! And my family will be here for Thanksgiving in less than a week! I am soooo excited to see them and spend time with them for a few days! Well we havent decided a name yet for the little guy, we are still working on that! I have some in mind, I just need to talk my husband into at least one of them! ha. Well here is a picture of me at 25 weeks, these last few weeks my stomach got huge!


  1. Ah! I am sooo excited about our little boys! Joel had a permanent grin Monday after we found out! I'm kind of afraid they'll get into trouble together if they're like their dads...ha ha.


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