Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Wreath! and the zoo!

So this weekend Justin went camping with some of his buddies by Roosevelt, So I went and stayed at my sisters house and hung out with her and my sweet nephew all weekend! We had fun and stayed busy the whole time! Friday night we met up with my friend Aliesha and her cute baby and sister, It was so good to see them! Then saturday we went to the zoo! My nephew Preston loved the zoo! It was fun and the weather wasnt too bad! After the zoo we went back to my sisters and she taught me how to make this fall wreath. If any of you know my sister, you know that she is just so crafty and fun! Well I totally LOVE the wreath! Justin loves it too, right when I got home with it the first thing he did was take it from me and hang it up on our door! ha.

Here are some pics from the zoo!

Me and my sister Chels!

Me and my cute nephew Preston, hes my lil buddy!

And this is my wreath hanging up on my door! Thanks sis for helping me! You are awesome!


  1. This weekend was so fun! I dont know what I would do if we didnt live by eachother! And your wreath looks sooo cute on your door!

  2. Cute wreath!! I want one! Haha! It was good to see you guys too! T and I had fun. I'm sure Bryce loved seeing you too.


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