Sunday, February 20, 2011

my baby

Is my baby over a week old ALREADY!! Where did the time go? I feel like I just had him yesterday.. Well we are definatly enjoying having our sweet baby around! we just love him to death! He is already just so much fun. I love being a mom, its seriously the best thing ever! Kamden is a little sleeper, he sleeps alot! Mostly during the day.. some nights are better than others, but last night he was pretty much wide awake the whole night! But hes just the best! I just cant believe how fast the days are going by already.. I just want him to stay this little forever! I love being able to just hold and cuddle him all day. Hes the best little cuddler! Well here are some pictures I took of baby Kamden today!
My sweet boy!
I LOVE this pictue

Sleepy boy

This baby LOVES his paci..!


  1. His eyes are starting to open bigger!!! He's soooo cute! Love him lots!


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