Friday, May 6, 2011

The Zoo and his new pacis!!

So this week we went to the Zoo for Kamdens cousin Prestons 2nd birthday! Kamden didnt enjoy his stroller very much so most the time I ended up holding him and pushing his stroller. ha. But we had fun, it wasnt too hot so that was good! There was this little water play area that Preston got to play at and he had so much fun! When Kamden gets old enough im going to take him there for sure! We Also got Kamden some new Pacifiers! I am not a fan of the big green ones.. At first Kamden didnt know what to think and would spit them out, but I kept giving them to him and he got used to them and now he loves them! Which is good, cause they are alot cuter! well Kamden will be 3 months old in a few days.. I dont know how I feel about that. He is just growing up so fast.. He is such a sweet little guy, I love him!
the best I could get of the boys!

Kamden at the Zoo in his little hat!

Kamden with his new paci!

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  1. He is just sooo cute - Love him! We are going to have to get a cute picture of Preston and Kamden together.


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