Friday, April 29, 2011


Kamden smiling before he had to get shots..
Kamden is such a smiley baby! We can always get him to smile now, and it is our new favorite thing! His smile is contagious, when he smiles you cant help but smile too! He is such a sweet baby, we  have so  much fun with him! I had to take him to the doctor on Wednesday for his 2 month check up, and he had to get some shots.. It was a sad day, but he was fine after the shots. He just slept all day, I didnt have to give him tylonol or anything!  He is now 11 pounds 6 ounces and 24 inches long! Hes getting soo big! He is in the 50 % for his weight and 90 % for his length. Hes a tall baby, and we dont know where that came from! ha. we just love our little son, he is the best baby ever!! Here are a few smiley pictures!
Happy baby yesterday!

Big smiles!


  1. Oh, I love his smile, too! I don't think he can get any more adorable!!

  2. These pictures make me laugh - what a cutie! I can't wait till I see him and I can make him smile


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