Friday, October 28, 2011


Wow we have been so busy these days with work and school! It is driving me crazy! I look forward to Christmas break where I can just sit around and relax and enjoy the holidays! Its still 2 months away, but Im sure it will go by quick! I am SO excited for Halloween, It will be Kamdens first Halloween and we are going to be Hippies! Im very excited about it and I will be sure to post some pictures after Halloween! I know I say this every time but Kamden is getting so big. He is just so active and into EVERYTHING. ha He is a little mess, but at least hes a cute mess right? He is now 8 1/2 months and has two teeth. I havent gotten a picture of his teeth yet, but I will be sure to do that! He is standing up on his own and trying to take steps.. He is starting to play with kids now and he likes to follow them around! He loves to play with his cousin Preston and his buddies Roman and Sterling. I am so glad he has friends! Here are some recent pics of the little guy!
Kam and his cousin Preston!

Kamden with his buddies Sterling and Roman

My biggest boy!

Helping me do the dishes ha.

I just love this boy, I am so blessed he is mine!

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  1. He's seriously so cute and your right he is getting so big! We just love him so much!


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