Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My baby boy!!

I had an ultra sound today and was able to get a few pictures! I love being able to see my baby! I am just so excited for him to be here. I am 2 days away from being 20 weeks! So I am almost half way there! I have been able to feel him moving! its sooo cool, I love it! I can mostly feel him at nights. I was having pretty bad back pains last week, but I havent been having them this week. I have been feeling pretty good! I LOVE pickles these days? I could eat them all day! Ha. I think that is the only craving I have been having! Well I am so excited for this little guy to come. I love him with my whole heart already! :)

The first and last pictures are side views and the middle one is his face! Isnt he cute!!??


  1. We are sooo excited about this sweet little boy!

  2. He's just soooo cute! I loved getting ultrasound pictures...they are so fun!

  3. so happy for you to be having a boy! your husband must be thrilled! :] little boys are the BEST!!!!


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