Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay I know im a way late ha, but we went to conference at the begining of the month in Utah! I have never been to conference so it was pretty neat! It was also fun to see our friends and family! We rode up there with our friends Ryan and Libbie. It was a pretty short trip, we got there friday night and went to Justins mission reunion. It was fun to see some of the guys Justin served with. Sasturday we went to the morning session of conference, and then went to lunch at tucanos with my family! I didnt get any pictures with my family, and Im pretty sad about it, but im so glad we got to see them, I love them so much! Then saturday night Justin surprised me and took me to The Roof. Its a really good resturant, that has an amazing view of the Salt Lake temple. We went there with our friends Ryan and Libbie, and Molly and Joel! It was alot of fun and so good! Sunday we went to the afternoon session of conference and ate dinner at his grandma and grandpas, and then we had to come back home... I was bummed.. I have been starting to love utah.. everytime I go there I never want to come back! But we had alot of fun and im glad we got to go! Here are some pictures of us at The Roof!

Me and my sweet hubby!

Molly and Joel! Molly is prego and our babies are gonna be great friends! :)

Ryan and Libbie!

Ryan loves us..! ha


  1. haha so cute...i love that place...well have to go there together sometime...too bad we cant go there for our birthday dinner haha!

  2. Congratulations on the baby! :) I am soo happy for you!


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