Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nine weeks old!

Kamden sure is growing up fast!! He is nine weeks now! He is our little bundle of joy! When Justin gets home from work we just sit and play with him all night, I love it! He is starting to smile alot and it is the cutest thing ever, he even does a little giggle.. LOVE it! We just love having him around, he makes life so much more meaningful! We had his blessing last Sunday, and it turned out great! He was so good during the blessing part and then right after he was done and wanted out of that church! ha. But we had a luncheon at the park after with our family and friends and it turned out nice. I love getting everyone together! My family was able to stay a few days down here so we got to hang out with them and we had a good time. I love when my family comes to visit! I have been taking Kamden to the parks lately and he likes it alot! Justin and I took Kamden to the park tonight and he loved being outside, I think hes gonna love the outdoors like his daddy and Grandpa Bigelow! Oh I almost forgot to mention how much I LOVE the store once upon a child! I always find great things there! Well last time I went I found these little vans shoes, brand new in the box for 5 dollars!! and they look so freakin cute on him!

Our family! Kamdens pretty pissed ha.Kamden and his daddy! Smiling!
Cute boy!

His vanss!

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  1. okay that pic of him smiling is the cutest thing! I like your blog update too ;)


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